Thursday, March 14, 2013

Caught in a loop

Looper is a sci-fi action film with time travel as its key concept, but where Looper is different from the other run of the mill time-travel movies is that it is believable. In Looper, the advent of time travel does not result in drastic changes in the ground realities of the world. Do not go watching in hope of seeing laser guns, plasma shields, flying cars, gravity-defying stunts and a video game city. The world is still sick, dirty and crime infested.
In fact Looper is less of a sci-fi and more of an action drama. It is not a full-fledged, SFX infested adrenalin rush.
Looper is a presentation of human nature and its varied forms ranging from greed, lust, love and repentance.
Concept wise Looper is a different film. Direction is crisp but gets a tad bit too slow towards the end. This is the only drawback of the film as it made me almost half-asleep at times. But the concept of loop is undoubtedly the most intriguing aspect of the film and keeps you glued, preventing you from crashing out completely unlike the ‘Twilight’ franchise, which really must have cured lots of insomniacs.
On the acting front both male protagonist do well. Bruce Willis is good but not to the level of John McClane. Joseph Gordon Levitt really gets into the character and delivers well. Emily Blunt has a small but significant role as a conflicted mother but in terms of action, she has little to do.
Overall the movie is definitely a good watch and must not be ignored.
My rating- 7/10

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Upside SFX, Down narrative

People have imagined multiple universes since eternity, but i highly doubt if anybody has ever imagined twin planets like this. No matter if anyone has, because this is the first time you will see this marvel on a movie screen. And by god, if anything can be as stunningly beautiful and breath-taking as the visuals in this flick, I will stop writing.
I can go on and on about the stunningly picturesque visuals in this movie and i may end up exhausting every adjective in the dictionary.
But apart from that, the movie is a very pedestrian affair. It is a run of the mill love story between people of two different classes, a concept already done to death by our lame Bollywood. The hero is poor while the heroine belongs to the rich strata of the society, they meet, fall in love, get separated, meet years later, the world tries to play the villain again but in the end the leads kiss and live happily ever after.

Yeah, the story does sound awful and boring but the SFX more than make up for its slow pace and lazy narrative. Infect it makes the film a treat to watch as the effects keep you so fixated in sheer awe that you may not even bother with what's happening between the two leads.

Coming to the performances, this film solely belongs to the SFX team and is ably supported by Jim Sturgess' portrayal of a man head over heels in love with a woman from the other planet. The woman! Played by Kirsten Dunst, an actress, who I began to, loath since Spiderman 2. But what a remarkable change in her looks. From looking old and wrinkled in Spiderman franchise, she looks amazingly attractive in this. I will not lie, but i fell in love with her during the dance scene. Sadly, apart from looking as beautiful as the SFX, she has nothing much to do and her real talent (watch melancholia for it) goes buried. The rest of the actors are just fillers except for Timothy Spall (our dear Peter Pettigrew of harry potter fame) who manages to be the only one to put in a brilliant performance in spite of the limitations of the script.

So all in all, this is a pretty interesting movie, with an unbelievable concept letdown only by the weak script. But i bet you can watch it more than once just for the SFX.

Go watch it.

My Rating - 6.5/10

Saturday, August 7, 2010


When I think of this word my neurons automatically spark back to the jungles where Arnold and his men are fighting out against a force they can’t see, a force they can’t overpower with all their gunpowder and artillery, a force that one by one kills them and skins them later, finally hanging them upside down from the trees. The movie was released way back in ’87 when I was two. Well I got to see it for the first time in the summer of 2003; a whole 16 years later when sci-fi movie were a treat to watch thanks to the matrix and its many clones. This movie had very basic SFX but somehow they looked astonishing. When I think about it and question myself why does the movie still appeals to my senses and for the matter of fact to the senses of millions of movie aficionados’ is because that the movie scored in one aspect; FEAR – it created a sense of fear that would make us curse the soldiers every time they made a silly move, a fear that made us wish that Arnold ends up gifting a really horrific death to “the jungle that came alive”.

It really was a movie, or rather is a movie that will be cherished by generations to come, no matter how visually unbelievable the SFX get in the future movies.

So when I heard about this new flick I was really excited keeping in mind the massacre of the franchise in the name of AVP. Also the heavy duty star cast got me all pumped up and I eagerly waited for the invisible, horrific aliens to blast my senses off using their triangle focus lasers. And so I went to see the movie the very same day it hit the screens in my town.

About 2 hours later I was out having enjoyed a lot. The cinematography was great (especially the scene where they all stare at the horizon in disbelief), the acting was good keeping in mind that it is an all out action flick (especially the guy who you people remember better as the venom/Eddie Brock jr. from the Spiderman 3), the stunts and action was cool, the SFX brilliant and the biggest USP of all was a beefed up Adrian Brody (remember pianist, king Kong). But at the end of it all I was disappointed because the main star of the movie was not threatening enough. Yes the predators don’t enchant you, they do not instill any fear in you, and they do not make you wish for their death. And that is where the movie ends as a disappointment for the predator maniacs like me.

My verdict is; go and watch the flick because it really is good but do not expect the same intensity as in the original. Also Mr.Brody is a great actor and has built up a lot of muscles but he still ain’t Arnold when it comes to action flicks.

A word of note to the filmmakers: - please do not waste actors like Danny Trejo and Lawrence ‘Morpheus’ Fishburne in such miniscule roles.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The scene- eiffel tower crashes down.
It sums up the movie in short...its awesome and grand..its an epic movie of epic proportions. we all have watched them in cartoons and played with their action figures, so when told about the movie we all hardcore fans were worried whether the justice will be done to our childhood pals. And we were not disappointed.
direction-stephen sommers scores well,the movie is fast,there are no loose moments in it but still one misses the fun element of mummy series.
1.Channing Tatum- as duke he is okay in some scenes and good in others but nothing spectacular. you cannot expect an oscar winning performance in such a movie.
2. Marlon Wayons- ripcord is fun,the wayons are good at it.
3.Sienna Miller- she is beautiful but the black hairs made her look ordinary,and she can only look good as long as their are no emotions to show.
4.Dennis Quaid-wasted
5.Joseph Gordon-Levitt.- good
6.brendan fraser- i know he has a blink and you miss role,but accept it that he lights up the screen with his smile in that moment.

story-good, but the best part was the suspense of cobra commander.

action- awesome

SFX- mindblowing

last word- go watch it, its worth it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Movie-is it worth it?

Hi friends! How many times have you wondered whether to catch the latest flick in the nearby theater or to miss it. How many times you have thought, 'Should i watch it? Is it worth watching? Will i get my money's worth?'. Do not worry cause now on you can find the reason here.
Next up:- a review of G.I.Joe